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I’ve been playing Trails in the Sky on an emulator…

And I wish I could play every game the same way. Let’s be honest, no matter how much you love RPG’s, they do have a lot of boring stuff. There’s a lot of animations that aren’t necessary (especially in battles), there’s a lot of walking around, and if it’s not your thing (and working full time […]

Ys Reveal for Playstation 4 and PS Vita

Excuse me while I go squeal like a schoolgirl and possibly faint. Ys, also known as my favorite JRPG ever (next to maybe Legend of Dragoon) is getting a new project for the Playstation 4 and PS Vita systems. The gameplay seems reminiscent of titles such as Ys Seven (freaking loved it) and Ys Celceta […]

So…Shin Megami Tensei IV…

*NOTE* Xseed Interview and Podcasts are incoming, late tonight or early tomorrow due to extenuating circumstances. Thank you. It is exceedingly surprising how often I get asked if I play Shin Megami Tensei. Like, I can honestly say that out of ten conversations I have where my website comes up, at least seven of them […]

Your Argument…

  HI EVERYONE!!! Guess what? I’ll be back from Vegas soon. I brought you all something. What did I bring you? Interviews with Sega, Capcom, Zombie Studios, Nintendo, WB, Mercury Steam, the creative geniuses behind the Ouya and more! I also brought you gameplay videos of Killer Instinct, Batman: Arkham City Origins Blackgate (as well […]


KILLERISDEADYSCELCETAVALHALLAKNIGHTS3RUNEFACTORYKILLERISDEADYSCELCETAVALHALLAKNIGHTS3RUNEFACTORYKILLERISDEADYSCELCETAVALHALLAKNIGHTS3RUNEFACTORYKILLERISDEADYSCELCETAVALHALLAKNIGHTS3RUNEFACTORYKILLERISDEADYSCELCETAVALHALLAKNIGHTS3RUNEFACTORYGAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Excuse me, I think my heart just exploded. As you can tell, I’m a teensy bit excited. Four amazing looking games, two of which I was eagerly awaiting with bated breath (Valhalla and Ys), two of which I was all but certain would come to America (Ys and Killer is Dead), one of which […]