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I’ve been playing Trails in the Sky on an emulator…

And I wish I could play every game the same way. Let’s be honest, no matter how much you love RPG’s, they do have a lot of boring stuff. There’s a lot of animations that aren’t necessary (especially in battles), there’s a lot of walking around, and if it’s not your thing (and working full time […]

So, Let’s Talk About the Xbox One *UPDATED BELOW*

I wasn’t going to do this first. I was going to talk about Starship Damrey and Dragon’s Crown and Freedom Wars and Valhalla Knights 3 and Chaos Code and pretty much just those things because not much else has happened in the world of gaming that I’m interested in at the moment, but, let’s talk […]

A Tale of Two…Tales…

Don’t judge me, I’ve been on a non-stop updating rampage ever since I got off work and out of class tonight, and coming up with snappy names for every post in rapid succession at 3 in the morning with nothing but a stomach full of sushi, coca cola and vienna sassages is a lot harder […]