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Tales of Berseria Impressions: The Perspective No Other Website Will Give You

*Sigh* Alright, let me get the more annoying part of doing these kinds of articles out of the way. That’s right, it’s time for theeeee YES I HAVE ACTUALLY PLAYED AND ENJOYED THIS FRANCHISE SO DON’T BE AN IRRATIONAL FAN AND FLIP OUT QUANTIFIER PART OF THE ARTICLE!!!! My introduction to this franchise began as […]

Dear Japanese Games: Stop Having Boring Butt Openings

Let’s start JRPG’s with less of this: And more of this: Maybe I’m just spoiled, maybe I just have a short attention span, but I have lost all patience for “humble beginnings in a sleepy village” openings. Guess what? I don’t care. I don’t care about the villagers. I don’t care about my quiet life. […]

You Should Pirate Nintendo Games – A Controversial Look at Nintendo’s Shoddy DRM and User Account Systems

I haven’t gone crazy, stay with me till the end. You should pirate Nintendo games. There’s no reason not to. Let’s examine what happens if you buy games digitally and your non-hacked 3DS breaks: All of your saves and downloads are gone. You have to start every single game over again. You have to call […]

Persona 5: The Hype is Real

Ah whuh? What was that? I’m sorry, was I drooling just now? I kinda feel like I was drooling just now. “(Your actions…) Will it bring glory…or calamity?” I don’t really care as long as they bring this game to my hands sooner. So, what do we have so far? A vaguely psychopathic main character […]

Far Cry 4: Fear and Loathing in Kyrat

Far Cry 4…*sigh*…where do I begin? I love you? I hate you? I want to see more of you? I think we should see other people? Dang gurl you lookin’ fine? Dang gurl you lookin’ wreck’d? I just don’t know. Far Cry 4 chronicles the journey of Ajay Ghale as he ventures to Kyrat to […]

Samurai Warriors 4: You *sorta* CAN Teach an Old Samurai New Tricks!

Samurai Warriors 4 is the latest in the Japanese History version of the Warrior Worth a Thousand Ikkitoussen franchise. In this new title, we explore the themes of “Loss, Losers and Unification” and celebrate the efforts of famous warriors from days long past. The title brings with it a new Chronicle mode as well, and […]

Resident Evil 1 Re-Re-Remake Coming 2015 to Next and Last Gen Consoles

What do you mean who is this? It’s Chris. Why won’t you believe me? *cue cray cray techno dance hall music*   Seriously if you haven’t listened to Capcom’s The Beast From the East remixes for Resident Evil you are soooo missing out! It is simultaneously the best and worst thing I have ever listened to.