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Tales of Berseria Impressions: The Perspective No Other Website Will Give You

*Sigh* Alright, let me get the more annoying part of doing these kinds of articles out of the way. That’s right, it’s time for theeeee YES I HAVE ACTUALLY PLAYED AND ENJOYED THIS FRANCHISE SO DON’T BE AN IRRATIONAL FAN AND FLIP OUT QUANTIFIER PART OF THE ARTICLE!!!! My introduction to this franchise began as […]

Dear Japanese Games: Stop Having Boring Butt Openings

Let’s start JRPG’s with less of this: And more of this: Maybe I’m just spoiled, maybe I just have a short attention span, but I have lost all patience for “humble beginnings in a sleepy village” openings. Guess what? I don’t care. I don’t care about the villagers. I don’t care about my quiet life. […]

Adlwolf Review: Dark Souls – Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter

If you asked me to describe Dark Souls in one sentence, I would probably say “It’s a medieval fantasy zombie game that’s always set to the hardest difficulty… Dropped into a mysterious world, as you play this game you will  scratch your head and say “What?” out loud multiple times from both confusion and frustration. […]

God Eater 2: Rage Burst announced for Playstation 4 and PS Vita

Okay did…did anyone not see this coming?   I mean don’t get me wrong, I freaking love God Eater, it’s just…it’s a raid game, and they always come in at least two’s. Rage Burst appears to be an enhanced port-quel of God Eater 2, and some exciting news revealed is that bringing the franchise to […]

E3 Roundup: Tales of Xillia 2

Please look forward to Tales of Xillia 2 for the PlayStation 3 Console on August 19th in America and August 22nd in Europe.

Sophitia Gets Ultimate!

Joining a slew of other guest characters in Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate, Sophitia will stand alongside the proud ranks of Sterk from Atelier Totori, Kasumi, Ayane, Hayabusa, Rachael and Momiji sporting their Ninja Gaiden stylings, that guy from Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll who I hate for getting picked over the actual protagonist, Achilles and […]

Soma and Alisa Sittin in a Tree, Showin’ Each Other Their Aragami!

Project x Zone, by the way, is rather awesome and chock full of memorable quotes like that one! So, are you eager for more Gods Eater? I know I am! The first one is among my favorite monster hunting games, with Lord of Apocalypse holding the number one spot for right now. Toukiden will likely […]