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E3 Doesn’t Excite Me At All…

To be honest, I really didn’t feel like writing this article. At all. To be honest, I rarely feel like writing any articles these days. I see less and less point to what I do, but, a handful of readers ask me frequently to keep running with the torch, so it’s in my hand again. I […]

The Only Constant in Life…

Is change. Time for a new post after the long dark. I feel like every few months I’m writing an article like this; generally its related to how I randomly get bizarre health issues or massive workflows. This last one was a combination of a few of those, as well as some personnel updates that didn’t […]

Murasaki Baby: The Heart Within the Storm

To understand why Murasaki Baby is so great, you have to understand that it goes beyond being an eldritch gothic adventure/puzzle game. Murasaki Baby is something I almost hate using a label for, because said label has become a buzzword synonymous with a gaming scenario many players have been burned and let down by. Still, […]

E3 Roundup: Phantom Dust Remake

Okay…now I might need to get an Xbox One. About all I know about the five minutes of the original Phantom Dust I played is that the world got destroyed and you’re possibly an amnesiatic in the future with magic trying to do something about it. About all I know about the remake is that […]