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E3 Doesn’t Excite Me At All…

To be honest, I really didn’t feel like writing this article. At all. To be honest, I rarely feel like writing any articles these days. I see less and less point to what I do, but, a handful of readers ask me frequently to keep running with the torch, so it’s in my hand again. I […]

This is It: LET’S ROCK!

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R (Pronounced Guilty Gear Zex 2 Accent Core Plus R), the definitive version of Accent Core received a port to the PSVita, and that port will be releasing in America on April 23rd exclusively on the Playstation Network. This is the series that started it all; the original high […]

Are You a Hero, or a Monster?

I read an article the other day in which Hideo Kojima stated that Metal Gear Ground Zeroes might not ever be released, and if it is then it might be too controversial to sell well. He stated that gaming hasn’t done much to mature beyond “zombies and explosions”, and that he wants to push the […]