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Dear Japanese Games: Stop Having Boring Butt Openings

Let’s start JRPG’s with less of this: And more of this: Maybe I’m just spoiled, maybe I just have a short attention span, but I have lost all patience for “humble beginnings in a sleepy village” openings. Guess what? I don’t care. I don’t care about the villagers. I don’t care about my quiet life. […]

Hyrule Warriors – Midna vs Goliath (King Dodongo Boss Fight)

The time has come! Watch footage from the 2014 Gamestop Expo as me and Midna show King Dodongo who’s boss! The music used this time is “Catch Me if You Can” from Sonic Riders Zero Gravity and “Decisive Battle – Metal” by Shade. I clearly don’t own Sonic, Shade, Final Fantasy, Midna or Zelda, but, […]

E3 Roundup: Final Fantasy Type 0…

Final Fantasy Type-0 is indeed coming to the west…for the PS4 and Xbox One. Not the PS Vita. I would make snarky comments but I’m too… Guh. Anyways Type-0 is pretty cool (and can already be played in English thanks to Skyblade Cloud), so, it’s worth checking out regardless of the platform. It’s just a […]

Quit Hatin’ On Kamitani’s Steeze!

Hello planet Earth, I’m Xeawn, and I’m here with a humble request for all of you. Quit it. Quit. Hatin’. On. Kamitani’s. Steeze. Seriously guys, this is getting a little out of hand. I just want to go on record and say George Kamitani is a legend. A bloody legend. From Odin Sphere to Dragon’s […]

Writing a Good Angsty Protagonist (Also featured on Dragon House Studios)

What makes a good protagonist? Quite a lot of things, countless things really, but one central core needs to be development and growth. If your characters are static the entire story, they become dreadfully boring and quite a chore to continue to desire to spend time with. While there is obviously a fan base for […]

Are Video Games Mature Enough to Deal With Truly Dark Themes?

And, are gamers? This is a follow up to my previous articles on a similar subject, and can be considered part three in the recent series of maturity articles. As y’all know, I don’t do short articles, so I figured I may as well break this up over the course of several days. This is […]

Have You Saved a Princess Lately?

No? Why not? Dokuro as a game, story and concept is totes sweet; I honestly don’t even care if you don’t have a Vita, hop on the Playstation Network and buy a copy now. It’s $20 and it is all kinds of amazing.   Dokuro Review will be up by Thursday. Peace y’all!