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E3 Doesn’t Excite Me At All…

To be honest, I really didn’t feel like writing this article. At all. To be honest, I rarely feel like writing any articles these days. I see less and less point to what I do, but, a handful of readers ask me frequently to keep running with the torch, so it’s in my hand again. I […]

The Only Constant in Life…

Is change. Time for a new post after the long dark. I feel like every few months I’m writing an article like this; generally its related to how I randomly get bizarre health issues or massive workflows. This last one was a combination of a few of those, as well as some personnel updates that didn’t […]

E3 Roundup: Mortal Kombat X Ed Boon Interview and Cassie Cage Gameplay Reveal

Obviously don’t watch this if you’re squeamish. Wooooo Sub Zero didn’t die in a gameplay release! Finally! Awww, but no Cassie Cage gameplay? I can fix that!     Ya know, Sonya and Johnny has clearly always been the assumed couple, but for some reason I’m vaguely surprised that she didn’t hook up with Jax. […]

E3 Roundup: Persona x Etrian Odyssey – Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

Honestly, never mind how much I love Etrian Odyssey, I’d buy this game just for the music 😀 I think this is the first time I’ve covered this game, it was announced during my health scare sabbatical. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is being written by the Persona team and designed cooperatively by both […]

E3 Roundup: The Hero of Time is Looking Spiffy!

I’m holding out hope that this will be Link’s daughter or something; that was definitely a more feminine face and a pretty androgynous body. One can hope.

E3 Roundup: Xenoblade Chronicles X Half Hour Gameplay Reveal

Wanna watch a half an hour of the Wii U’s most, I’m sorry, the SINGLE MOST exciting RPG to be revealed at E3? YEAH YOU DO!!!

E3 Roundup: Metal Gear Solid – The Phantom Pain in English

  For those of you that can’t understand Japanese, enjoy the new Phantom Pain trailer in English. Again, you know how I feel about Metal Gear, but, it looks like Kojima is slightly less…Kojima this time around.