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I’ve been playing Trails in the Sky on an emulator…

And I wish I could play every game the same way. Let’s be honest, no matter how much you love RPG’s, they do have a lot of boring stuff. There’s a lot of animations that aren’t necessary (especially in battles), there’s a lot of walking around, and if it’s not your thing (and working full time […]

Square Enix Wants to Bring Dragon Quest VII to America, but…

Something something not sure if Americans will buy it something something not sure if Americans are that into JRPG’s something something lots to translate something something not sure if there’s a market for it. You know, the same excuses we typically here from them, and the same ones that led to us never seeing Type […]

Dragon Quest Heroes: Square Enix x Omega Force

Or pretty much the best thing to happen ever in the history of ever.   So, a little background. Way back when Dragon Quest 9 was being worked on, the game was supposed to be a four player action rpg in the vein of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles but without the God awful chalice mechanic […]

Are Video Games Mature Enough to Deal With Truly Dark Themes?

And, are gamers? This is a follow up to my previous articles on a similar subject, and can be considered part three in the recent series of maturity articles. As y’all know, I don’t do short articles, so I figured I may as well break this up over the course of several days. This is […]

Shin Unozawa, Can You Please Step Down and let Katsuhiro Harada Lead?

Please? I mean, don’t get me wrong, man’s gotta eat and all, but COME ON!!! In an extremely small period of time, Mr. Harada has successfully secured six DLC characters for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to be free despite all of Namco Bandai fighting him tooth and nail to charge, he was pretty much the […]

Have You Saved a Princess Lately?

No? Why not? Dokuro as a game, story and concept is totes sweet; I honestly don’t even care if you don’t have a Vita, hop on the Playstation Network and buy a copy now. It’s $20 and it is all kinds of amazing.   Dokuro Review will be up by Thursday. Peace y’all!

Busy and sick

No new articles in a while, my bad! As the title implies, life happened, and, well, there ya go. So, what’s on the horizon? Silent Hill: Book of Memories review, Sleeping Dogs review, Mega Man 2 review, an article about the portrayal of women in gaming (I promise, it’s different from the usual “IT’S AWFUL!” […]