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009 Re:Cyborg Review – The Best Take on God and Faith I’ve Seen in a Fictional Movie to Date

To be honest, I’m not entirely certain how to begin this article. The impact this film made on me however is evidenced by the fact that I’m taking time away from designing Withering Whispers, Murder the Citizens: Misery Moment, the reboot of The Blackest Rain and other internal projects (all of which will have updates […]

Adult Fans Ruin Everything or Are You Part of the Problem?

Alright ladies and gents, let us preface this article with a word from Proverbs, specifically 26:4 “Do not answer a fool according to their foolishness, or else you will become just as foolish as them” and 2nd Timothy 2:23 “Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments; you know they just produce quarrels.” […]

Xeawn’s Project Updates – February 2016 Unseasonably Warm Edition

I live in Alaska. Why is it so warm? Where has my winter gone?   Xeawn Cross here with updates on our 2016 projects for you. When we last spoke, I announced my intention to leave behind the world of video game journalism (or at least take an extended hiatus) in favor of focusing on […]

Excerpt from Upcoming Noir Mystery Thriller: A Sinful Lady Innocent

This story, like most stories, begins with a dame. Don’t take offense ladies; dame, noun, reserved for a woman of such great stature, honor, power and grace as to be the equivalent of a knight. From the Latin or Old French domina, meaning mistress. Which, subsequently is also a noun, meaning a woman in a […]

A New Challenger Has Arrived: Adlwolf Joins the Fray!

I’d like to introduce our new reviewer, Adlwolf! Adlwolf hails from a considerably warmer climate than my own stomping grounds, and brings a unique flavor and perspective to Dragon House Studios / Xeawn’s Gaming Corner. So far I’ve got five Adlwolf reviews in the pipeline, and I’ll be posting one of them tonight. I’m very […]

Your Argument…

  HI EVERYONE!!! Guess what? I’ll be back from Vegas soon. I brought you all something. What did I bring you? Interviews with Sega, Capcom, Zombie Studios, Nintendo, WB, Mercury Steam, the creative geniuses behind the Ouya and more! I also brought you gameplay videos of Killer Instinct, Batman: Arkham City Origins Blackgate (as well […]

Xeawn in Vegas!!!

So, I probably should’ve announced this sooner, but I’ll be in Vegas for the 2013 Gamestop Expo at the Sands Convention Center on the 28th of August (Wednesday)! Yaaaay! Come by and say hi if you see me, and bring your Dragon House Studios novels for some autograph action!   In addition, we’re expanding! Huzzah! […]