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I’ve been playing Trails in the Sky on an emulator…

And I wish I could play every game the same way. Let’s be honest, no matter how much you love RPG’s, they do have a lot of boring stuff. There’s a lot of animations that aren’t necessary (especially in battles), there’s a lot of walking around, and if it’s not your thing (and working full time […]

Top Tens: Killer Boss Fight Themes

So I thought we could kill some time together with a quick little top ten article. Today I’m going to cover ten of my favorite boss fight themes. Now, I’m pretty close to saying “in no particular order” cuz it’s hard to rate these honestly, but I’ll try. And, I know there’s a billion killer […]

New Video Game Remix Album from Square Enix called Military Tune…

For…some reason… Like…but why? Also aside from that Chocobo in the upper right hand corner what does this cover have to do with anything? And why is ether Big Daddy or that kid from Ico the DJ? Anywho, the album will be available on October 1st and you can get it here. The album will […]