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E3 Doesn’t Excite Me At All…

To be honest, I really didn’t feel like writing this article. At all. To be honest, I rarely feel like writing any articles these days. I see less and less point to what I do, but, a handful of readers ask me frequently to keep running with the torch, so it’s in my hand again. I […]

E3 Roundup: Scalebound

I guess Platinum Games really missed working on Devil May Cry and also decided Monster Hunter needed more style. I’m torn; on the one hand this game looks amazing. On the other hand this studio made and continues to make a franchise about attacking my faith and my God (Bayonetta, not Devil May Cry. I’m […]

The “Where is Your God Now” Trope Needs to Die… (Originally posted on Dragon House Studios)

From my sister site Dragon House Studios. You all know the scene; it’s as old as cinema itself. The big bad is coming, whether it’s an alien, a monster, a demon, or a serial killer. The writers make a point generally of having a very religious person, sometimes a heretic, sometimes a “Bible Thumper”, sometimes […]