E3 2014

E3 Roundup: Mortal Kombat X Ed Boon Interview and Cassie Cage Gameplay Reveal

Obviously don’t watch this if you’re squeamish. Wooooo Sub Zero didn’t die in a gameplay release! Finally! Awww, but no Cassie Cage gameplay? I can fix that!     Ya know, Sonya and Johnny has clearly always been the assumed couple, but for some reason I’m vaguely surprised that she didn’t hook up with Jax. […]

E3 Roundup: Persona x Etrian Odyssey – Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

Honestly, never mind how much I love Etrian Odyssey, I’d buy this game just for the music 😀 I think this is the first time I’ve covered this game, it was announced during my health scare sabbatical. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is being written by the Persona team and designed cooperatively by both […]

E3 Roundup: Hyrule Warriors

  Not gonna lie, as cool as this game is the sole thing that matters to me is that Midna is in it! Two new challengers arrive in the form of Princess Zelda and Midna, or as I like to call them Princess Homewrecker and The One That Got Away.

E3 Roundup: Metal Gear Solid – The Phantom Pain in English

  For those of you that can’t understand Japanese, enjoy the new Phantom Pain trailer in English. Again, you know how I feel about Metal Gear, but, it looks like Kojima is slightly less…Kojima this time around.

E3 Roundup: Axiom Verge

  So…Metroid x Contra? I’m so beyond okay with that!

E3 Roundup: Starbound

  I’m torn. On the one hand, Starbound looks amazing, like Terraria in space. On the other hand, I’m convinced that Terraria hates me and subsists on my tears and sorrow. Literally I’ll be playing side by side with my brother, and he’ll find like ten hearts and a sword made of pure rage while […]

E3 Roundup: No Man’s Sky

Say hello to my new favorite E3 tease! Dinosaurs and spaceships! SPACESHIPS AND DINOSAURS!!! I normally stay away from anything that say “The universe is infinite with each player starting on their own world” or involves procedurely created content that “makes every playthrough different”, but, SPACESHIPS AND DINOSAURS AND DINOSAURS AND SPACESHIPS!!!