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Greetings everyone, and welcome to Xeawn’s Gaming Corner! Whether you came here from the old Facebook page or just happened by, I hope you hang your hat and stay a while.

Here at Xeawn’s Gaming Corner I hope to provide an unbiased look at games the world over, both mainstream and obscure. As a Christian gamer, I review games through a lens you won’t ordinarily see or here. My goal isn’t to step into a title and go “THIS IS BAD BECAUSE MAGIC!”, but to provide an unbiased look as both a reviewer and a Geek for God.

By and large titles like this:

Or this:

Likely aren’t going to get a ton of coverage in this blog, not unless I get a request to do so or I’m using them as an example in a flavor article. Now, on the other hand, games that look like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Yeah, you can expect a lot of that.

The overall goal of this blog is to shine a spotlight on small house studios and imports, with flavor articles on various relevant topics in gaming today. Now, something like Assassin’s Creed might get covered because of this:

On account of the first playable (and positive) black female lead in gaming is a pretty big deal, or this:

will get covered because Sleeping Dogs is quite frankly beyond amazing and quite underrated. Overall though I take the philosophy that you don’t need me to tell you that Mass Effect or Skyrim or Call of Duty are games that deserve your attention, because they are Mass Effect and Skyrim and Call of Duty. They’re going to sell millions of copies even if everyone were to tell you they were garbage (as a matter of fact they’d probably sell better as you’d be inclined to see what all the hubbub is about). However, Jikandia the Timeless Land, 999, Ragnarok Odyssey, Fragile Dreams, The Last Story, these are often titles that the gaming community at large has no idea even exists.

Nine times out of ten when a really great independent or creatively different game comes to America, it doesn’t do well because the companies tend not to advertise them, and gamers tend to avoid anything that isn’t their mainstay. When that happens, companies decide that gamers across the pond don’t care about Japanese games or creative games or independent games or anything that doesn’t revolve around the philosophy of shoot everything that moves. I hope with this blog to show you a deeper look at these games, to promote them in a world that doesn’t give them much attention, and to broaden the views of gamers everywhere.

I also hope to call out studios that make ridiculous design decisions or hide behind the “American’s don’t get it!” excuse!

I’ll close out by saying this: my reviewing eye is as unbiased as it can be. I’ll be calling out franchises that are big (Call of Duty), franchises that are small (Harvest Moon). I’ll be giving credit where it’s due, and I’ll be calling out developers on the malarkey that fans tend to defend for reasons I can’t possibly comprehend (on disc DLC, removing tons of content before releasing a game in America, etc.)

I’ll be just as harsh to a franchise I’m not particularly fond of (Call of Duty) as I will be to one that I love (Mega Man); there isn’t a single studio that I’ll go to great lengths to paint a pretty picture over a flawed design. I have no intention of being overtly mean or callous, and will never say a game is bad just because it’s a genre I don’t normally play. I will, however, speak with the voice of a gamer who believes that all games are created equal, and that whether your studios is Square Enix or Mastiff, you deserve to be judged on your merits, and not on the name of your company.

Look forward to new content daily, with large updates on Friday’s to accommodate my seven day a week working schedule.

Please also make sure you take the time to visit Dragon House Studios. I happen to be a published novelist, and would love for you to take a look at my new fantasy/speculative fiction novels!

God bless, and happy gaming!


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