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Xeawn’s Project Updates – February 2016 Unseasonably Warm Edition

I live in Alaska. Why is it so warm? Where has my winter gone?


Xeawn Cross here with updates on our 2016 projects for you. When we last spoke, I announced my intention to leave behind the world of video game journalism (or at least take an extended hiatus) in favor of focusing on the creation of games and other forms of media.

Since then, I’ve released to the Amazon Kindle marketplace my horror, speculative fiction/fantasy novel Murder the Citizens, and have been steadfastly developing several video game projects as well.

In addition to Murder the Citizens, we are currently creating a locked room branching path visual novel by the name of Withering Whispers, which will be available for the iOS, Android, PC and Mac platforms:

Hot on the heels of Murder the Citizens, we are also developing a gamebook that will be available for iOS, Android, PC and Mac platforms set in the same universe. This gamebook will be titled “Murder the Citizens: Misery Moment” and will allow players/readers to create their own Remnant protagonist and embark on a branching story set before, during and after the second novel in the franchise.


In Misery Moment you will be able to make and name your own character, as well as select which “class” featured in Murder the Citizens Book 1: Hunger that you would like to play as. Additionally, two new classes are being created exclusively for this gamebook/interactive fiction project. The engine for this game is being designed from the ground up in house with our studio, so you can rest assured gameplay and narrative will stay true to the quality and experience you will expect from the game’s universe.

Alongside Misery Moment, I am currently working on a new hybrid novel/music project known as Shatter the Stars. The first book in the series, Shimmering Oasis is planned for a Spring 2016 release, and will launch alongside a full soundtrack of in-house music to compliment your reading experience:




We have several more projects that we’ll be working through this year, such as the release of the horror/sci-fi fantasy novella Necropsia in the form of a book, a visual novel and a graphic novel, or the fantasy romance novel The Heart’s Broken Whisper Book 1: Sliver, or the novel/action platformer cross media project Raruna and the Seekers, or the visual novel “Thorns, Vines and Brambles: I Love You, So Die!”, or the novel/fighting game cross media project Empire Hearts, however there will be plenty of time for that later.

For now, rest assured we look forward to continuing our devotion to bringing you new and unique experiences that can only be found at Dragon House Studios. More frequent updates are on the horizon, so please look forward to our jam packed 2016 release schedule!

Xeawn, out!


One comment on “Xeawn’s Project Updates – February 2016 Unseasonably Warm Edition

  1. Awesome! Your horror sci-fi I can do without nightmares! It’s very raw but it’s very true to the depth of emotion that real people feel.

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