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The Only Constant in Life…

Is change.

Time for a new post after the long dark. I feel like every few months I’m writing an article like this; generally its related to how I randomly get bizarre health issues or massive workflows. This last one was a combination of a few of those, as well as some personnel updates that didn’t go as planned.

Suffice it to say it’s time for some massive restructuring.

I find it almost ironic that I’m writing this post now, during one of the biggest gaming events out there. During a time that I should be reporting on Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem and how I’m wildly impressed that they managed to do it without involving demons, thus making it so that I can continue to enjoy the Fire Emblem franchise. I should be reporting how I’m jumping for joy at all the small things you can notice in the Mass Effect Andromeda teaser trailer. I should be reporting on…well no I guess those are the only things I’ve had time to look at.

Xeawn’s Gaming Corner is a sister component of Dragon House Studios, my studio wherein I write novels and create other forms of media, all of which are independently published. My initial plan had always been for Xeawn’s Gaming Corner to be a hobby, but somehow XGC grew large to the point that I found myself in Vegas one year, Anaheim another, getting invited to colleges to run forums, give speeches, conduct seminars, traveling from church to church all over Alaska speaking to families and communities, and all around having a blast. And, somehow the original goal, the original dream, the novels that came out of Dragon House Studios just never quite found a foothold in the public eye.

Until something wondrous happened last August that I’m not at liberty to speak on just yet, and something else wondrous happened last September that I am.

I’m creating a video game.

TheBlackestRain - Girls Only T-Shirt Design

The game is set in the universe of one of my upcoming novel series, a gothic victorian fantasy epic called The Blackest Rain. I have loads of fun things to tell, and show you about this game. I’m composing all of the music from scratch as well. So far I have composed 56 original songs for the soundtrack. I got to speak at an event about the game. I had a room full of people lose their crap. I actually had to have one of my associates break up two physical altercations when people literally started fighting over the last two demo thumb drives I gave away.

I am way excited that we’ve come so far. Not the fight obviously, but the enthusiasm.

$Rose Cute

The game is currently being developed for a PC release, though ideally I want to release it on as many platforms as possible. My dream release would see the game available on PC, PS Vita, Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, Wii and Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and iOS as well as Android. The game is what I would consider 15% complete, or 85% complete depending.

Depending on what you ask? Well, I want to do an episodic release. If I do, then episode one, coming in at 5 hours of gameplay (or 2.5 hours if you’re a big ol’ stick in the mud and don’t want to do side quests or fight epic hidden bosses) is all but finished. Ultimately I want to do 13 episodes, totaling 50 to 65 hours of playtime. I feel like 40 to 50 hours for the main story is a fair amount of playtime, and reasonable to ask full price for a game. I do realize, by the by, that the word full price means something different for each of the above platforms I mentioned.

For now I can promise you that you WON’T see us do like some other developers and charge $4.99 on mobile, $14.99 on Nintendo platforms, $19.99 on Sony platforms and $29.99 on Microsoft platforms for the exact same game as long as I have control over the pricing structure. That’s just silly.

Jasmine Alstroemeria

To say I’m making “a game” isn’t quite accurate though. I have five media projects that I’ll be announcing shortly, which ultimately brings me to the change that is constant.

As of late June early July, Dragon House Studios will be shifting 90% of all focus and resources to creating content, rather than reporting on it.

What this will mean is that we will be reporting on E3 once things settle down with our restructure and office remodels (so sometime this week-ish), and we will still do the occasional game review and flavor article. However, the majority of our energy will be going into creating and discussing our my own games, my own books, my own music, and yes, in the relatively near future an anime series as well.

This is a time of great change. This is an exciting age. I hope that I can count on all of you wonderful people to be just as supportive of our upcoming games, books, music and visual media as you have been in regard to our reporting of other studio’s work.

Certainly not for the last time, this is Xeawn Cross saying thank you, and be blessed.

Oh, and please look forward to the demo video posting this weekend.


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