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Batman: Arkham Knight – Ace Chemicals Infiltration Part 1 Trailer

Can I just go on record as saying this new Arkham game is so beyond metal?! I mean holy freaking poop! I can only hope that those cinematic takedowns are a real thing in the game. Advertisements


We’ve got some more interviews (Alien Isolation anyone?) as well as reviews (Freedom Wars anyone?) and impressions (Dragon Age Inquisition anyone?) coming up, but for now I’ma just leave this here! HAPPY FRIDAY YA’LL!!!!

Samurai Warriors 4: You *sorta* CAN Teach an Old Samurai New Tricks!

Samurai Warriors 4 is the latest in the Japanese History version of the Warrior Worth a Thousand Ikkitoussen franchise. In this new title, we explore the themes of “Loss, Losers and Unification” and celebrate the efforts of famous warriors from days long past. The title brings with it a new Chronicle mode as well, and […]

Adlwolf Covers the Nintendo Direct: Ultimate NES Remix

Last for the 3DS features is Ultimate NES Remix. It is a combination of the first two NES Remix games with a few more features. If you haven’t heard of the NES Remix games, it’s basically a series of quick fire mini games based off of the famous games from the original NES. This version […]

Adwolf Covers the Nintendo Direct: Code Name S.T.E.A.M.

The next title featured is Code Named: S.T.E.A.M. It’s a cartoony action turned based strategy featuring famous characters such as Abraham Lincoln, the lion from Oz, and Tom Sawyer. It seems a little goofy, but it did remind me of XCOM: Enemy Unknown which is a game I loved. That being said, it claims that […]

Adlwolf Covers the Nintendo Direct – Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

The first trailer on the Nintendo Direct featured the highly anticipated release of the 3ds remake of The Legend Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Fans have been looking forward to this title ever since the remake of Ocarina of Time, and as a longtime fan since the first release it’s easy to say I AM EXCITED. The […]