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Adlwolf Review: Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS is… well… exactly that, the Super Smash Brothers series, we all know and love, that you can play on the go. For the sake of this review, I will assume there are a couple of unfortunate souls out there who haven’t had the pleasure of playing this series. Super […]

Adlwolf Review: Dark Souls – Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter

If you asked me to describe Dark Souls in one sentence, I would probably say “It’s a medieval fantasy zombie game that’s always set to the hardest difficulty… Dropped into a mysterious world, as you play this game you will  scratch your head and say “What?” out loud multiple times from both confusion and frustration. […]

A New Challenger Has Arrived: Adlwolf Joins the Fray!

I’d like to introduce our new reviewer, Adlwolf! Adlwolf hails from a considerably warmer climate than my own stomping grounds, and brings a unique flavor and perspective to Dragon House Studios / Xeawn’s Gaming Corner. So far I’ve got five Adlwolf reviews in the pipeline, and I’ll be posting one of them tonight. I’m very […]

The More Things Change

The more they…sometimes actually change! Xeawn here with a shorty. I haven’t updated recently; I’ve been working, sick, and also working on three top secret projects that I’ll be announcing over the weekend. Also I have second to third degree burns on my right hand now…so…I can’t really type that well. At all. I’m doing […]

Xeawn Plays: Shadow of Mordor

So, let me preface this by saying I love Lord of the Rings, and my mom sitting my sister and I in her lap and reading us The Hobbit coupled with my parents weaving us Spider Stories and telling us folklore from all over the world are why I became a writer. Now, I don’t […]