Contest Giveaway: Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 3DS Exclusive Early Access Demo!

Brought to you by Bowser gettin' punched in the junk!

Brought to you by Bowser gettin’ punched in the junk!

Alright ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for a smashing good time? Get ready to jump into the this melee, cuz it’s gonna be a brawl! And I–OW OW OW OKAY I’LL STOP WITH THE PUNS, I’M SORRY! Yeesh…

Anywho, I have in my hands…or…laptop or whatever…three exclusive early access codes for the North American version of the Super Smash Bros. demo! Three lucky winners will get the chance to try out Nintendo’s new Super Smash Bros. a week before everyone else!

Now, Super Smash Bros. is a franchise that’s all about our favorite Nintendo heroes beating the tar out of each other because why not. Our roster is more diverse than ever, with Newcomers such as Shulk and the freaking Duck Hunt Dog ready to throw down!


So, our contest is as such:

Pick your four favorite warriors, new or old, and throw them into the ring!

Why are they fighting? Who are they fighting? How will they win?

In between 100 and 300 words, let us know who your favorite champion is,

and show us why they deserve to be the King of Smash!!!

Post your story in the comments section below, and at 3:30 PST we’ll begin picking our winners!

Please note, no special consideration will be given for picking Falco, Shulk or Mega Man, even though they are my favorites 😀

Good luck, and may the best smash win 😀



25 comments on “Contest Giveaway: Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 3DS Exclusive Early Access Demo!

  1. Samus & Lucario v Pit & Ike, in a twisted turn of events, Lucario is Samus’ Pokémon. They have been together since they met back in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Samus and Lucario have mastered the art of mega evolution since their travels in the Kalos region.

    During a Super Smash Bros. meeting for Smash 4, Pit and Ike have become quite the best friends. Both warriors want Lucario to be cut in favor for Mewtwo. They state, “Lucario is lame dude! We want Mewtwo!” Samus has a rather distinct taste when she befriends people or things. Like the baby Metroid from Super Metroid. Like the kind hearted women Samus is, she stands up for Lucario and tells them to leave it alone!

    “Enough already!” Samus yells angrily, “you’ve guys are so rude to this Pokémon for no strange reason,” “don’t you remember Mewtwo wasn’t invited back to Brawl because Master Sakurai forget to send him and invitation to return!”

    Shocked by the fact that Samus has talked back to them, they challenge her to a FIGHT in downtown New Pork City.

    -hours later-

    Ike and Pit vs Samus.. the match begins. *crash* *punch *BLAST* Samus has 1 stock left and is over 100 percent in damage while Ike and Pit are both still standing with one stock each but with only 10 percent between each other. Samus become hopeless as she knows she’s about to loose the match. Ike and Pit begin their attacks,

    “GREAT ATHER,” yells Ike. “Palutena I need your help!” screeches Pit.

    Samus closes her eyes. *BAM* She opens her eyes and is surprised to see Lucario standing in front of her. It protected her using the power of aura. Then Lucario gives a nod to Samus. She lifts her arm up and yells, “MEGA EVOLVE!” Lucario shines brightly, it’s speed and physical attack have greatly increased. Then with the power of aura, and with the help of Samus’ Zero Laser attack, the 2 warriors summon a powerful beam of aura and zero energy and KOs both Pit and Ike.

    Samus and Lucario both just look at each other and smile. Together they return to the Smash 4 meeting taking place at the DOJO! and Samus takes out a long list that reads, “Reasons why Ridley should be in Smash 4.”

    *credits roll* *cue Smash 64 theme song*

  2. I think roy from fire emblem should be king of smash!! He may be a clone of marth, but hey, he’s a better version, marth is cool though don’t get me wrong. He was in Melee before he was actually in a fire emblem game, that’s how cool he is! He my favorite to play as, his B if you hold it forever is awesome, he may take damage, but he can makes a huge explosion that is like a 1 hit KO! His grab up can be a combo almost, they don’t go flying up emediatly, but they come back down, and you can catch them and throw them again! His voice is cool too, “AYEYA!” I just love his voice too, I know it’s weird but hey, he’s that cool. We’ll, that is why I think roy our boy, should be king of smash, thank you for letting me participate!

  3. i think mario because he is in a ton of games and he is in all smash bros

  4. Lucario and Greninja are going at it in the battlefield, they are having a good match with each other, when all of a sudden….BOOM, a purple shadow ball hits greninja which causes him to fall off the stage.

    “hey what’s your big idea ganondorf,” yells lucario, ” I was training for the tornament mario is having this weekend!” Then lucario realizes that the figure wasn’t ganondorf, IT WAS MEWTWO!

    ” You blue furred idiot,” laughs Mewtwo, ” You should know who I am, because I know who you are!” Mewtwo comes closer and closer to lucario. ” MEWTWO,” yells lucario, ” how did you come into the super smash bros 4 realm?” Lucario stats backing away from Mewtwo. ” I can teleport, remember, I’m the most strongest pokemon, you should already know that by now, no stupid realm is gonna keep me from coming here,” yells mewtwo. Lucario is right at the edge of the stage. ” Well,” lucario hesitates, ” Why….are you here!” Mewtwo gives a lucario a evil grin, ” Wel, what all fans love about smash…TO FIGHT!” Mewtwo then grabs lucario and teleports out of battlefield and into final destination.

    Lucario then shouts out a roar and charges to Mewtwo and Mewtwo jus stands there waiting for his attack. Lucario has his arm back and throws his punch, but Mewtwo uses confusion on Lucario. Lucario at stands there yelling with his hands covering his eyes. “What’s the matter,” says Mewtwo, ” I thought you were a worthy..CHALLENGER!”

    Mewtwo hits Lucario with his tail and Lucario starts to fly in the air, he lands on the ground on his feet, but Mewtwo then attacks him with with an electric blast. Lucario then starts yelling some more, but gets out of it and uses Extreme Speed on him, Mewtwo dodges the forts try, but Lucario gets him the next 3 times. “What a weak air attack,

    He then attacks him with his mega aura blast and shoots Mewtwo off the stage. ” I….I WON,” yells mewtwo. Mewtwo comes back clapping, Lucario is confused. “Well done Lucario,” says mewtwo. He puts his hand on Lucarios shoulder. “I am happy that someone with a strong fight skill set has took my place in smash, not a weakling….like Jiggilypuff, make me proud.” Mewtwo then teleports put out of smash and lucario stands there. The screens darkens and credits start.

  5. Sorry to the 3 people that have posted stories… but I’m adding another. Now there’s an actual competition.

    Mario and Luigi are my favorite smash characters. Can’t beat the classics!

    Twas a day like any other in the land of the Mushroom kingdom. That is until Nintendo announced that the new Smash Bros for 3DS demo would be limited to a select number of club Nintendo fans who had met rather silly criteria. Mario and Luigi, while both devote Nintendo fans, hadn’t bothered registering all their Nintendo loot on Club Nintendo!

    “Oh great, now-a how we gonna getta code?” asked Mario.
    “Peach has-a few extras, but she gave two-a her four-a away to Daisy and Rosalina! I bet she’ll give me her last code” hoped Luigi.
    “What are you-a talkin about-a? I’ve been a going out-a with Peach for 30 years! I’ma gonna getta the next code!”
    “But Mario you-a always letting her getta kidnapped! Daisy never gotta kidnapped…”
    “You can’t getta that code if I beat you to it. Outta my way!”

    In the end Luigi does get the code out of sympathy from Peach after getting beaten up by Mario. Mario and Peach separate for a time, but end up going steady again after Mario rescues her from Bowser… again. Counseling has since helped their relationship. Luigi has made a full recovery.

  6. “Pick your four favorite warriors, new or old, and throw them into the ring!”
    1) Kirby 2) Palutena 3) Dark Pit 4) Robin

    “Why are they fighting?”
    The are fighting to save their queen mii fighter, Zaraharz (me)

    “Who are they fighting?”
    They’re fighting a collection of the fighting polygon team, subspace enemies and evil smashers (ganon, bowser, wario, etc.)

    “How will they win?”
    Combining their respective final smashes, the fighters will unless the ultimate FINAL smash that ends ALL final smashes! Kirby, his final cutter. Palutena, her mega laser, Dark Pit his cypher beam, Robin, their Chrom assisted slashes. All combined and save queen mii fighter Zaharaz.

  7. Luigi, because he will be so sick of Mario always taking up the spot light that he will snap and start to destroy everybody!!!! Ghost from is mansions will come to his aid, King boo will fuse with Luigi making King Bouiji and then he will use master hand and crazy hand as his own hands so with that kind of power no one can stop him. he will be so feared that even taboo will bow down to him. they will make shrines honoring him and every nintendo game will have Luigi in it because he said so. that is who i think will win, Wait!!!! No that is who will concor all!!

  8. Hi! I’m David and my favorite smasher is lucina! It would be Marth but I am more familiar with fire emblem awakening so I think that Lucian has the right potential to be my favorite character! She is one of the only woman swordswomans and is ready to kick some butt! Oh allot le on why I should get the smash pass? I am a very dedicated fan that has been waiting for smash 4 since brawl and unfortunately I do not have enlighten money to be a platinum member. So I hope that you take my entry into some serious consideration because I’m ready to get my smash on!

  9. Link staggered back in pain from the hard blow to the crotch Peach had given him with her golf club. He wanted to swear so badly, but all he could shout was “HYAH!”, and just as he did, a torrent of water from Greninja forced him to the back of the Spirit Train, almost causing him to fall off.
    He would not stand for this. Peach came charging at him, and just as she was about to slap him across the face, a strong uppercut with the Master Sword set her straight up, mashing her into the train’s ceiling.
    Rosalina darted over to the back of the train and aimed a kick at Link’s face. But she slipped on a banana that he had dropped, and flew into the air, planting the kick on Peach’s face instead.
    Then Greninja appeared behind him, grabbed him, and held him hanging off the edge of the train, his face hitting the train tracks over and over.
    Peach and Rosalina appeared at Greninja’s side. Peach pulled out a frying pan, and Rosalina looked to be preparing some kind of magic. Greninja tossed him into the air, and the spell began to work, slowing his descent, as Peach began to visciously swing her frying pan like a baseball bat.
    “It’s over.” Link thought. Today is the day I die.”
    Until an explosion rocked the rear of the train and sent everyone flying, and a hand reached out and grabbed Link’s arm.
    When the smoke cleared, the hero turned out to be Alfonzo.
    Link so very badly wanted to express his gratitude as the train sped along with the other fighter’s bodies lying on the tracks behind them, but he could only grunt.
    “Don’t worry, I know what you mean”, chuckled Alfonzo.

  10. In a bloody battle on Garden of Hope, Villager is fighting Kirby in a battle of the innocent cute warriors. Kirby’s got the experience up his non existent sleeve, but the Villager’s got a crazy arsenal to keep him at bay. Pikmin watch in fear as shots are fired left and right. Of course neither one is much for trash talk but they can pull a mean arm wave, or adorable dance. Then in a (quite expected) turn of events Kirby swallows villager and what surviving pikmin reported to have pooped villager out. Of course they were sent to get medical attention for PTSD. “I’ve never seen anything more horrific in my life!” Yellow pikmin exclaimed as he was put in the worlds smallest straight jacket. “What a scene, my head felt like it was going to explode!!!!” said blue pikmin as they pumped air into his skull. But, in the end no one knew who won because everyone took shelter out of fear of being eaten. There have been reports of seeing Kirby so it is believed that Kirby is the king of smash.
    -Hope you liked the story, I tried to work hard on it as I’d absolutely love a demo. thx!

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