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Ys Reveal for Playstation 4 and PS Vita

Excuse me while I go squeal like a schoolgirl and possibly faint.

Ys, also known as my favorite JRPG ever (next to maybe Legend of Dragoon) is getting a new project for the Playstation 4 and PS Vita systems. The gameplay seems reminiscent of titles such as Ys Seven (freaking loved it) and Ys Celceta (having a strangely hard time getting into it), and will once again be bringing back the party combat system. Dogi and an as yet unknown female protagonist will be accompanying Adol on his quest, and it is presently not known if this is a completely original Ys or a 3D remake in the vein of, well, most of the Ys games we get.

Either one I’m perfectly okay with! Finding a video was darn near impossible, so here’s some high res screens to make up for the quality of the video.

 l2rxuctdbvnlv6z1zea7 mfszdlqh4binxbpdsgk8 tejtv4olaqwxqgpvkulo vvhuxjv18bcpb1ixck56


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