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Xenoblade Chronicles Coming Exclusively to New Nintendo 3DS


20140714140332!Xenoblade-LandscapeI mean seriously, the world of this JRPG takes place in a world the size of an MMO, and it’s coming to the New Nintendo 3DS? My brain might figuratively explode in a minute here.

I am cray excited for this, even though much of me fears for the Vita’s future. If there’s one thing Nintendo knows how to do, its bloody support it’s bloody systems! Eventually.

Anyways, this is a game they’ve wanted to do on the 3DS for a while now, but the original system lacked the power to run it. Now, I do have a few concerns; how much battery life will we realistically get while playing this game? I’m guessing four hours would be generous. How well will it run? Because Borderlands 2 runs like hot poop on a summer afternoon on the Vita. Okay, it’s playable, but it’s still just…not the best experience out there. And three, how will I ever get anything done IF I HAVE XENOBLADE CHRONICLES IN MY FREAKING POCKET?!?!?!

Jeez Nintendo, it’s like you want me to get fired from my day job!



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