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Way of the Samurai PS Vita Project Reveal

I’m Commander Shepard and I endorse this message!


So, Way of the Samurai has always had some pretty weak sauce combat, but dear Lord if you’re looking for an immersive samurai action rpg look no further! While nowhere near as deep as the game my pre-trailer joke game from, you can make a ton of influential choices, the story branches every which way, and it’s pretty much Shenmue with swords and not Shen Hua.

And really, any game that doesn’t have Shen Hua in it scores points for me.

I’m pretty sure we have all of the Way of the Samurai, or Samurai Dou titles in America save for the two PSP ports of the PS2 game, so there’s a good chance Xseed or Nisa will see fit to bring this game over here as well.

We have a piss of a lot higher chance getting this than any of the two or three new Yakuza games SEGA!!!!

I’d say I’m not bitter, but I totally am.


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