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There’s a New Pretty Pink PS Vita Coming Out

image_thumb39I know nothing of this Uta no Prince-sama game or Otome titles in general (although Sweet Fuse: At Your Side rocks regardless of your gender), but I do know this new Vita is pink and it’s pretty and I want it. The only thing that would make me want it more would be if it were lavender.

Sony! Make it so!

Oh, there’s also this:

BwbUA4fCcAAjQYp_thumbNow, I’m never in a menu long enough to care about custom themes, and Danganronpa simultaneously depressed and pissed me off (still buy it though, and the sequel), but custom themes are a pretty big deal to most people, so, there ya go. The PS Vita will be getting a number of custom menu themes, including but not limited to Danganronpa (see: the world is awful and everything is awful and life is awful and people are awful and there is nothing good in the world and happiness is but a fleeting illusion), and Freedom Wars (See…giant robots, spike thorn grappling hooks and cute anime android girls…so…the opposite of Danganronpa in every way).

God even just seeing that art style is depressing. I’m gonna go play Kirby and try to forget I ever played Danganronpa…

Still buy it though. And the sequel. Just…guh.




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