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Dragon Quest Heroes: Square Enix x Omega Force

Or pretty much the best thing to happen ever in the history of ever.

So, a little background. Way back when Dragon Quest 9 was being worked on, the game was supposed to be a four player action rpg in the vein of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles but without the God awful chalice mechanic and hideously annoying fake Russian child protagonists. Well, Japan flipped their crap and so the gameplay took on a more MMO style of click and wait gameplay. Well, Japan flipped their crap again and so it became more akin to multiplayer Lost Kingdoms (which I think had multiplayer actually…), and Japan flipped their crap for the third time.

Ultimately it became a traditional turn based JRPG, and Japan was sated. Yeah we’re just gonna gloss over how much of the RPG fan base in Japan keeps complaining that everything stays the same, although to be fair Dragon Quest is literally a national treasure that has release dates that are government controlled…

Anywho, apparently Squeenix was like “Look, literally every other franchise in Japan is getting the Dynasty Warriors treatment and we want in!” And to be honest, I’m about a billion times more excited for this than I am Hyrule Warriors. Especially since, ya know, I have the option of splitscreen instead of forcing one of my friends off of my TV for co-op (being that I’m the only one that wears glasses in our circle, so, larger screen = less migraines).

Also am I alone in having no bloody idea that Terry grew up from a sniveling, yet loveable and ambitious kid to an epic sword wielding hero that would make Future Trunks blush? I guess I just never played the sixth game or something…

Dragon Quest Heroes launches in 2015 and so far is exclusive to the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 consoles. It’s Omega Force so, yeah, you can pretty much assume it’s going to come out in America in some form or another.


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