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Murasaki Baby: The Heart Within the Storm

To understand why Murasaki Baby is so great, you have to understand that it goes beyond being an eldritch gothic adventure/puzzle game. Murasaki Baby is something I almost hate using a label for, because said label has become a buzzword synonymous with a gaming scenario many players have been burned and let down by. Still, […]

Gamestop Expo 2014 – Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax – Sho Minazuki vs Rise Kujikawa!

I thought I told y’all to sit down or get down cuz I’m about ta hit ground! Straight from Gamestop Expo 2014 we’ve got some killer new footage of Sho Minazuki (Me) vs Rise Kujikawa (not me)! Watch as I barely pull a victory out of my green and black hat! Please note that my […]

Guilty Gear Xrd-Sign: Zato-One vs Ramlethal Gamestop Expo 2014 Gameplay

So, to recap, the graphics are insane, apparently Zato-One isn’t dead anymore, Ramlethal is awesome (and probably a boss character), and Guilty Gear is still amazing! Gameplay impressions and an interview incoming!

Hyrule Warriors – Midna vs Goliath (King Dodongo Boss Fight)

The time has come! Watch footage from the 2014 Gamestop Expo as me and Midna show King Dodongo who’s boss! The music used this time is “Catch Me if You Can” from Sonic Riders Zero Gravity and “Decisive Battle – Metal” by Shade. I clearly don’t own Sonic, Shade, Final Fantasy, Midna or Zelda, but, […]

Hyrule Warriors: Midna – The Princess Worth a Thousand!!!

Straight from the 2014 Gamestop Expo, here’s some sweet footage of Midna wreckin’ fools! And, you can see my reflection on the loading screens! Woop woop! The Boss Fight with King Dodongo will be up later, as well as impressions.

The Super Smash Bros. Contest Has Concluded

But the fun doesn’t stop there! We’ll be posting demo impressions from The Evil Within later today, as well as some exclusive gameplay footage from Hyrule Warriors! Stay tuned!

Contest Giveaway: Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 3DS Exclusive Early Access Demo!

Alright ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for a smashing good time? Get ready to jump into the this melee, cuz it’s gonna be a brawl! And I–OW OW OW OKAY I’LL STOP WITH THE PUNS, I’M SORRY! Yeesh… Anywho, I have in my hands…or…laptop or whatever…three exclusive early access codes for the North American […]