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Tekken 7 Extended Trailer – The Conclusion of the Mishima Saga


Okay, so dreadful voice acting aside I am ridiculously excited for this new entry into the Tekken franchise! This game looks to take a few cues from the Tekken: Bloodline Rebellion movie, and also ties the entire franchise together. Though the game will center around the end of the war between Heihachi, Kazuya and Jin, a feud that culminated in World War 3 and the deaths of many people important to our warriors, it would appear that this entry will answer questions about many other characters as well.

And, seeing as Kazuya actually inherited the devil gene from his mother (which raises the question where did Jinpachi get it, unless the devil gene came from him and the angel potential from her), this does raise one valuable question:

Just as Jin’s actions, actions which cost at least three very important people their lives, were all the wrong choices motivated by all the right reasons, is it possible that Heihachi’s transgressions were rooted in some greater purpose as well?

I’m honestly not convinced that Kazumi is entirely innocent, after all…


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