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Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Opening and Gameplay Trailer


The opening movie for Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines has been revealed and it’s…kinda depressing…

Of course, given that the name translates out to [Go Forth] Over My Dead Body, that makes sense. As was said before, Oreshika is a new JRPG for the PlayStation Vita portable system coming to America sometime this year, which is wonderful news since Sony has declared (and then back tracked on, and then declared, and then back tracked on) that they have zero intention of supporting the Vita outside of it being a PS4 accessory…

Cuz that’s totally what I bought my $250 portable game system for…

Anywho, Oreshika is about a family of warriors that was slain by Abeno, a ventriloquist villain (because hush your face that’s why!) but resurrected due to the sacrifice of a deity by the name of Nueko. Of course, Abeno had to be a jerk butt and curse the family so that they’ll die within a year. To keep the fight going, they procreate with other mythological deities, passing their abilities off to their offspring to finish the fight.

This probably sounds like the kind of game I wouldn’t ordinarily endorse, but it’s a title that I can look at purely from a mythological perspective and as a writer find the enjoyment in the concept they wanted to explore.

Oreshika will allow you to try out eight different basic job classes and a number of higher level ones as well. In addition to raising your own clan of demon slayers, you can adopt the children of your friends and hire mercenaries as well.



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