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E3 Roundup: Persona x Etrian Odyssey – Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

Honestly, never mind how much I love Etrian Odyssey, I’d buy this game just for the music 😀

I think this is the first time I’ve covered this game, it was announced during my health scare sabbatical.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is being written by the Persona team and designed cooperatively by both the Etrian Odyssey and Persona teams. The game is assumed to be non-canon for reasons I will be nice and not mention because they would kind of ruin Persona 3 for anyone who still hasn’t gotten around to beating it yet. During the school festivals of our respective protagonists, they find themselves drawn to a mysterious tower that leads to a brand new Tartarus type world.

The Persona 3 and 4 heroes will find themselves joined by new heroes Zen and Rei.

225px-PQ_Rei (1)

Rei (her name meaning either Zero or Spirit) is a mysterious girl the team meets in the labyrinth. Rei is described as being quite shy, but very cheerful and a girl who cares for Zen. Eating makes her happy, hence the corndog in her picture. Not unlike some past King of Fighters characters, Rei and Zen function as a team with Rei acting as the healer while Zen is the fighter.


Zen is your typical brooding strong silent type. Despite his often aloof manner, he completely loses his cool and goes all out on anyone who threatens Rei.

It would appear that the members of SEES and The Investigation Team’s way home is connected to Zen and Rei, unfortunately the two Yasogami High first years seem to have lost their memories.

The gameplay in Persona Q takes its exploration cues from Etrian Odyssey with first person dungeon crawling/mapping being the order of the day. In combat however, though battles are fought from a first person view like Etrian, when you attack you heroes will jump forward on the screen a la Mind=Zero and show an actual animation instead of just slash marks on the screen.

And, of course it wouldn’t be a Persona with an “ALL OUT ATTACK!!!”

It would appear that everyone in the game is possessing of the Wild Card ability to equip any Persona that they choose to bring into battle with them. Many “hardcore fans” are crying foul, stating that it makes the main characters less important, however the heroes of Persona: Revelation (the first game) and the protagonists of both Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment had the Wild Card ability as well.

If anything, this first person exploration with Wild Card combat is a return to the original games that started this franchise to begin with.


As of the posting of this article, the Persona Q Premium Addition was still available on Amazon.com to pre-order.

I’d recommend you do so while supplies last. I plan on throwing away the tarot cards, but you can’t go wrong with a case, art book and soundtrack 😀

In any case, please look forward to Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth this Fall for the Nintendo 3DS system.


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