E3 Roundup: Scalebound

I guess Platinum Games really missed working on Devil May Cry and also decided Monster Hunter needed more style.

I’m torn; on the one hand this game looks amazing. On the other hand this studio made and continues to make a franchise about attacking my faith and my God (Bayonetta, not Devil May Cry. I’m actually mostly cool with Devil May Cry), so, yeah…

In any case, Scalebound at least looks to be like Devil May Cry with a little less Devil, so, that’s cool. I guess.


6 comments on “E3 Roundup: Scalebound

  1. As a big Platinum Games fan i’d say they will do ANYTHING if it is crazy and over the top.

    That said I’d just ask that you not hold one game lines story up against a whole company..Especially one that seems to be equal opportunity offenders.

    • It’s not that simple though. Buying anything by Platinum gives them the money to continue making titles like Bayonetta, a game that had the point of killing God and Christ. So, even if I don’t support Bayonetta, I’m still giving them money to make it.

      Which is a shame, because I loved Mad World and had been looking forward to Anarchy Reigns. I’ll have to pray and see where I’m lead on this one.

      • I should also point out that Platinum isn’t equal opportunity; Christianity is the only religion they’ve ever attacked.

      • Well if it helps the ONLY reason we are getting Bayonetta 2 is because Nintendo is funding it.

      • Not really, actually it’s even more troubling that for the first time in their career Nintendo, a family company, is going out of their way to fund something that they know full well is designed to attack Christianity.

      • They probably don’t see it that way. Alot of non Christians or even “casual” Christians might not see the stuff you do..Let alone in japan. I am NOT saying they aren’t or that you can’t be valid in feeling that way(they may be even if unintentionally and you are of course entitled to your opinions) but i really doubt nintendo does…And i more meant Platinum games probably wouldn’t have made another if not for nintendo.

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