E3 Roundup: Let It Die

Everyone keeps shouting “Torture porn torture porn!!!” but I just don’t see it. It’s Suda 51, so I’ll be buying this game for sure, but I’m not a huge fan of competitive arena combat.

The game looks interesting, it’s just that I saw the name Suda 51 and got my hopes up for another story driven epic.

Let It Die is exclusive to the Playstation 4 console.


2 comments on “E3 Roundup: Let It Die

  1. Honestly i LOVED No More Heroes and some of his other work..This ones just looking too realistic in artstyle for my tastes at least for now.

    • This is certainly strange compared to his more recent stuff, but he also did Michigan Report and helped with every Fatal Frame.

      But, I own every Suda 51 game, so I’ll definitely be giving this a chance at least.

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