E3 Roundup: Fable Legends

So, let me get this straight. We’re no longer doing the “Bloodline of the Hero” story anymore, but…

We’re all still white people. Blonde white people, brunette white people, white people. No minorities. At all. Even though Lionhead Studios stated numerous times that the only reason you could only be white in the past Fable titles is because they were following the bloodline of the hero (who I guess is exceedingly xenophobic and runs scared from the thought of interracial marriage) who was a white guy and I guess decided to never marry outside of his race, nor did his descendants. They also stated that should the story allow they’d be open to exploring a minority protagonist.


Anyways the game is five players; four of you play like Diablo 3, one of you plays an RTS. Woop woop and such.

I’m gonna go play fantasy games that let me pick to play as my own race now. Peace.


6 comments on “E3 Roundup: Fable Legends

  1. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not like “WHITE PEOPLE SUCK”, but I am bloody tired of this crap, and the weak excuses that go with it.

  2. Don’t forget ONE black family in Fable 1..At least one that i noticed. Thus showing that YES HEROES CAN BE NON WHITE!

  3. Also what about the other family from Fable 1? Your rivals family was black in that game so what happened to them?

    • You raise two excellent points. What’s more, there are tons of black people wandering all over Albion, so the excuse that the blacks are all from Maze’s people’s island and stay there makes no sense.

      I don’t even necessarily need the protagonist to be black, I would just like to see some manner of minority or skin changing in this so called “Go anywhere do anything be anyone” franchise.

  4. First sorry for double post..Had a glitch.

    Second yeah TBH and i don;t know if you’d consider this good or bad..But i honestly don;t notice race in most games..It just I unno..I don’t see skin color that way not easily. Irony is the offensive stereotypes i tend to remember…Mainly because i go “Oh gods are they REALLY stereotyping” or main characters/big ones…

    To me if i enjoy the gameplay the story and especially the setting or even just one of them then i enjoy the game regardless of skin color and gender.

    But yeah i never truly noticed alot of other black families/people. Whether that speaks good/ill of me or the games i unno.

  5. I never notice race when I play a game. I get to know the character for who he or she is, not what, and enjoy the story.

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