Wanna See How Wind Waker HD Stacks Up to the Original?

Gamexplain does a killer job comparing the two games side by side. I know I personally can’t wait to get my Zelda on! I noticed that in some areas the original looked more vibrant, but overall the new experience looks pretty killer.


5 comments on “Wanna See How Wind Waker HD Stacks Up to the Original?

  1. It looks good and all, but I don’t know if it’s really worth spending $50 on. I’m a big LoZ fan but if the only improvements are the graphics, why buy the game? The original already utilizes a unique artistic style and it still looks good! I guess it just comes down to preference. Seeing as I don’t own a copy of Wind Waker I might purchase this later down the road.

    • I can definitely understand your predicament; it’s difficult to purchase a new game when there are only marginal improvements over the original.

      Aonuma has promised a few other tweaks that will streamline the experience, such as the ability to increase the speed of your boat as well as significantly decreasing the amount of time you spend wandering to gather the triforce pieces at the end.

      I personally never finished Wind Waker (or got very far, I only just recently got into the modern Zelda titles), so I plan on getting it, but I can see where adding a few more dungeons or something of that sort would’ve been nice incentive for people that have already beaten the game.

  2. I am optimistic about the increased sailing speed, but there are so many other things that could have been improved in this game. Still, it does look beautiful in HD and it is a fun game in the series. It’s just weird for me considering I just played through the gamecube version this past year.

    • I found myself quite charmed with the music, art, environments and story of the game, there was just something about modern Zelda that never clicked with me. The moment it all fell together was when I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the Zelda Symphony for my birthday.

      Watching the stories play out as the orchestra played, there was something magical in the air. The moment the conductor stopped the movement, described how she fell in love with the series as a little girl, and then produced a treasure chest my breath caught in my throat.

      As she opened the chest and retrieved a replica baton from Wind Waker, turning to the audience and stating proudly “And now, my friends… Let us wake the winds.”

      I fell in love with the series all over again.

      I tend to need a solid story to get fully invested in a game, and that as well as the sparse combat engine were what made it difficult for me, but I most certainly find myself eagerly awaiting the game’s release. I think the largest thing that stands out to me as odd is that though the graphics are nicely defined, the colors seem so washed out and less vibrant by comparison to the original.

  3. Ah! You noticed the washed out colors too! I was just discussing this with my brother. Not sure why they did that.
    And it sounds like the Zelda symphony is amazing! It is my dream to attend some day 🙂

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