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Sengoku Basara 4 to Feature a “What If” Mode to Remix History!

While I am a fan of things happening in DUUUUUUUUEEE SEASON!!!!

This trailer, did need a bit more PUT YA GUNS ON!!!

Sengoku Basara 4, due next year for the Playstation 3 in Japan, Capcom plans on really pumping it up with more content this time around. Yukimura Sanada has been confirmed to return…of course…because that would be like Dynasty Warriors not having Zhao Yun…

Also returning are Ii Naotora and Sarutobi Sasuke.

A new What If mode calle Warring Periods Creation Mode has been crafted, allowing players to choose their favorite Sengoku heroes and either fight in pre-made what if scenarios or craft their own.

There will be massive army on army battles, and you will have control over the rewards, difficulty and soundtrack.

We didn’t get the last Basara game in America with Capcom blaming poor sales…but…show of hands; who even knew the game was coming out?

We will not start seeing record sales of Japanese games in America until companies are willing to sink the money into promoting them over here at least half as much as they do back home.

Just sayin’.


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