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Phantasy Star Nova Looks So Freaking Pretty


Screenshots aren’t normally my thing. I dunno, they just don’t excite me. Do they excite you guys? Cuz, I mean, if they do I’ll totally start posting them more.

Anyways, Phantasy Star Nova is lookin’ bloody glorious.













Phantasy Star Nova, brought to you by Tri-Ace, supports ad-hoc multiplayer for up to four players, and has a full fledged single player campaign. You’ll match blade and gun against the monsters of the land, including the massive kaiju known as Gigantes (not to be confused with Gigantor!)

The story begins with our hapless hero crash landing on a planet without the ability to utilize photon (which is pretty much how everything works from weapons to arts). As such, you’ll have to subsist to survive. A feeling of despair and survival is what Sega is going for, which has the Phantasy Star 2 and Phantasy Star Online fan in me goin’ cray cray with excitement!

The theme of the tale is “commitment”, with a focus on building bonds and relationships with your comrades in arms. The story will be told via real time cutscenes, which is always a concern for me. I remember playing Psychic Force and Wartech: Senko no Ronde and always being ticked that I missed crucial plot points because I was either busy trying to survive (Wartech) or couldn’t hear them over the sounds of battle (Psychic Force).

What was worse was that Wartech was in Japanese with English subtitles…that you were supposed to somehow read in the middle of a fighting game that combined Espgaluda with Power Stone with Tekken…

Yeah, I beat the game a few times and have no idea what was happening to this day.

Real-time cutscenes might imply the story will be delivered like it was in Phantasy Star Online 2, with a mix of cut-scenes that stop what you’re doing to watch but are rendered in engine, as well as ones that have characters faces popping up yelling things at you. Those were both voiced and had text boxes, so all in all it shouldn’t be too bad.

Either way I know I plan on buying it when it launches, and it’ll get two buys out of me if it comes out in America!


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