Kokonoe Finally Makes Her Playable Blazblue Debut

…as paid DLC. Joy.



Previously Toshimichi Mori stated that Chronophantasma would not have any paid DLC characters, but, that’s kinda their thing. Blaz has always had expensive character DLC, so…yeah.

Kokonoe uses giant robots and various tools in battle, but has been described as an exceedingly fast technical fighter, one to keep an eye on!

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2 comments on “Kokonoe Finally Makes Her Playable Blazblue Debut

  1. Being one of the biggest supporters of DLC, I’m now done with it. With DOA5: Ultimate, there are costumes you can buy as DLC, but the computer can play with them. It costs $40 to buy them all. I’m not paying $80-$90 to get the full expierence. I know WWE 13 had a good chunk of their characters on disc.

    I don’t mind paying for real extra content ala Mass Effect. I don’t even mind paying for costumes…if they aren’t on disc, obviously.

    • You think Ultimate is bad? Even with the bundles, Dead or Alive 5 Plus for the Vita has approximately over $100 of costume DLC.

      Blazblue: Continuum Shift charged for characters, of which there were four at around $7 a character, and then for colors, of which each character had five plus, and voices. The cost of the DLC in totality was over $80 if memory serves.

      As you mentioned, real DLC, DLC that wasn’t completed before the game was done, DLC that didn’t take a handful of hours to design, such as the Citadel DLC in Mass Effect 3 I’ll absolutely pay for with no complaints. I don’t like the cost of the Skyrim DLC, but I respect it and had I not bought the Legendary Edition during a Steam Sale I would’ve supported it.

      Announcing that you’re going to have paid DLC for a game that you said would have no paid DLC a year before the game comes out (Blazblue)? I refuse to support that or try to put a spin on it that makes it seem to be a positive.

      Announcing three months before your game comes out that there will be essential story mode DLC that you have to purchase to finish things up (Last of Us) I refuse to support or spin.

      Announcing that you have a six month plan for DLC, half of which is story related, six months before your game releases (Sleeping Dogs)? I refuse to support or spin.

      Honestly, my stomach lurches when I look at the freemium and DLC ridden wasteland we so expeditiously find ourselves speeding towards.

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