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Soul Sacrifice Delta Coming in March 2014

You’ll remember Soul Sacrifice as the heartwarming tale of a warlock trapped in a tower made of the flesh of another warlock’s enemies held captive by giant naked ogres and cast through time by a demonic book to judge the souls of other wizards and witches that succumbed to the darkness in their souls.

Ah, memories.


Keiji Inafune is doing a new title in the franchise, Soul Sacrifice Delta. You’ll recall that I personally had issues with the game, particularly with the concept of missions being called “Pacts”, and with alchemy being called “offerings”.

So, why am I reporting on it? Because, as I mentioned in the Shin Megami Tensei IV article, I always give folks the benefit of the doubt, and I hope Inafune-sama surprises me. Demonic aspects aside, the core engine was phenomenal, and I would certainly like to be able to play and enjoy this title.

“So hey Xeawn, are you going to cover Bayonetta 2?”

Yeah, don’t hold your breath.

More than a quote, “mere update”, Soul Sacrifice is an enhanced remake that will have new elements, play tactics, enemies, environments and items to give a “unique flavor of Soul Sacrifice”.

Can that unique flavor be replacing the words pact and offering with mission and items? Pretty please?

Xeawn, out!


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