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So, the Vita TV is a thing…

In an effort to make more people buy Vita related products, get more things that play Vita games into people’s hands and get more developers to make games for the Vita, the stunning console in a handheld is now a…handheld…in a…console?

"I changed for you, do you love me now?"

“I changed for you, do you love me now?”

I mean, I understand the logic behind this, I really do. I don’t exactly like it, but I’m not sure I can rationally explain why.

The logic is, as I’ve often stated Sony is caught in an eternal catch-22. Developers won’t make games for the Vita because people aren’t buying it, and people aren’t buying it because there aren’t more games for it. Thus, a budget Vita (we’ll talk about that in a bit) and a home console option was created. This is something that will in theory make a lot of people buy the Vita, which is good because then more devs will make things for it. This also address the “I want a freaking TV out” thing…sorta.

I have some questions though. How does multiplayer work? The games themselves aren’t natively different, so it’s a glorified Apple TV at the end of the day, sans the streaming capability. And see, initially I thought it was the Vita version of the Apple TV, but, it’s not. It’s a console, one that was made to play portable games. On your TV. I mean, you still can’t play Dragon’s Crown co-op on that thing, for example. You still need two vitas, or a PS3 and it’s copy of the game. I just…don’t see the…huh…

Well, it plays PSP games also. Which, I mean…my PSP Go has a TV out and support for a controller. It also plays PS1 games and you can do those with two controllers, but…my PSP Go does that too. I dunno, maybe it upscales the graphics to high definition? Because the rendering engine for that is bloody amazing. Oh, and it can stream PS4 games, which in my honest opinion makes no sense whatsoever because you’re already playing on the PS4 on a TV, so why am I excited to stream from my console on a tv to my…console…on…a…t…v……….

Ow. My brain hurts.

Anyways, here’s some specs for ya:

xspecs.jpg.pagespeed.ic.NuB8wBw0_-The system itself is gonna cost ya 9,954 Yen including tax, and launches in Japan on November 14th. That’s around $100. So, it’s cheaper than a Vita. Less versatile, but cheaper. That’s…that’s cool too.

Oh, there’s also a bundle for 14,994 yen plus tax, which is around $150. The bundle includes a dual shock 3 controller and an 8 GB vita memory card. So….


Oh well, it got Shantae on the Vita, so maybe more developers will stop ignoring it like the plague. I love the Vita personally, so anything that gets it more games is a strong positive for me. I just…

Oh who am I kidding; I’ll buy one. Why?

Look, I freaking want more Vita games, okay? Is that so wrong?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Alright, I’m done.


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