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Samurai Warriors All Up in Your Vita!


You want Samurai Warriors 4? Vita’s got that. You want Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate? Vita’s got that! You want Samurai Warriors 2 HD? VITA’S GOT THAT!


So, cross play? Check. Cross save? Check! Full character editing? Check! But, the big question:

Which ones of these games can you expect to come to America?

I’d say Orochi 3 Ultimate is a definite yes. I mean, as definite as anything is in this world. Samurai Warriors 4 I’m gonna say we’ve got a pretty strong chance. Samurai Warriors 2 HD? Probably not.

My concern however is that SW2HD will release in America as a tester, which likely won’t sell because we beat that game a ton of times some five years ago, probably more. It’s a great game, it’s a game I’ll be buying, but it’s not one that I think will hit record sales.

So, America, if SW2HD comes out first, please for the love of all that is fancy and awesome BUY THE GAME!!!

And Toukiden. Because Tecmo Koei loves you, and we love them too.

Oh, while I’m at it, buy Atelier Meruru Plus as well.

Xeawn, out!


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