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Let’s all stare at Yakuza Ishin and weep!

Because Sega tends to shy away from bringing Yakuza spin offs to America…or Yakuza games in general since I’m still waiting on number 5. I’m worried, because we never got Black Panther 1 or 2, and we never got Kenzan, and we only got Dead Souls because Americans, zombies and guns, but it bombed and we were blamed for that even though it bombed because it had horrendous controls.

But, Yakuza Ishin, or Yakuza Restoration, is releasing for the PS3, PS4 and PSVita. The game is set in the Edo period and has Kazuma Kiryu playing the part of Ryoma Sakamoto…and also Saito Hajime, which is a good move since Ryoma dies at the beginning and that would make for a really dull game.

Masayoshi Yokoyama returns to write the story, which asks “How would things have been different if Ryoma had the personality of Kiryu?” or “What if Ryoma was part of the Shinsengumi, and joined by calling himself Saito Hajime?”

Historically during this era the supporters of the Bakufu hunted Ryoma and he had to come up with an alias to get by. The concept of “What would Kiryu do in this situation?” was the inspiration for this title.

chara_saito001_thumb1The game will play very strongly like a traditional RPG, with the ability to level up and unlock new moves returning. Much of the story takes place in a modernized historic Kyoto, and there will be locations you can travel to as well as forges where you can go to power up and make new weapons.

Reportedly, there will be a lot of weapons.

The combat engine is reported to have more depth than any other Yakuza title, and will also be considerably more unforgiving. This is a little frightening, as Yakuza is no Dark Souls, but has never been a particularly easy game! You can offset the difficulty in Ishin by leveling up and equipping the proper weapons for each task. You can level up to 99, so there ought to be quite a lot of replayability.

chara_ryouma001_thumbOkado Izo, one of the assassins from the Bakumatsu period will make an appearance in the game. He’s being voiced by Kazuhiro Nakatani, who played Akira Nishikiyama in the original Yakuza, a.k.a. Jerk Face.

Saigo Takamori will make an appearance as well, beying played by Masami Iwasaki who voiced Ryuji Goda in the original series. Saigo was an a samurai of great import during the Meiji Restoration. Ryuji Goda is a half crazy guy who made his arm into a machine gun.

This should be fun!

The last returning cast member confirmed is the actor of Makoto Date, Kazuhiro Yamaji. You’ll remember Date as the detective who is always there to help Kiryu out of a tight spot, becoming a close friend and confidant.  Yamaji will be playing Nakaoka Shintaro, who was historically a friend of Ryoma’s (who you’ll remember is also being played by Kiryu).


If these reveals are any indicator, I’m hoping for/expecting anxiously the announcement of Majima appearing in some way shape or form.

Ah, I can hear it now!


I still regret that only the first game was done in English over here. I’m normally a stickler for original voices, but Majima was bloody phenomenal in English.

Speaking of English, pardon the voice over in this trailer. I couldn’t find a single one that didn’t have it.

Just remember. Don’t talk. Be serious.

Sega, this is my pledge to you:

If you bring this game to America, I will buy it on all three systems. Oh, speaking of, the Vita game will have some manner of Cross Play, though what that is we don’t know yet.


One comment on “Let’s all stare at Yakuza Ishin and weep!

  1. I take that back, I’ll buy it twice on all three systems. You heard it here first guys!

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