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Your Argument…

It's Invalid.

It’s Invalid.


HI EVERYONE!!! Guess what? I’ll be back from Vegas soon. I brought you all something. What did I bring you?

Interviews with Sega, Capcom, Zombie Studios, Nintendo, WB, Mercury Steam, the creative geniuses behind the Ouya and more!

I also brought you gameplay videos of Killer Instinct, Batman: Arkham City Origins Blackgate (as well as info on that one that I don’t believe has been covered by anyone else yet), Sonic: Lost Worlds and more!

I also brought you previews of the PS4 (hands on!), Warframe on the PS4 (hands on!), Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (hands o–okay I think you get the point), Dark Souls 2 and more!

Aaaaand if you come to my two panels at Senshi Con next month I’ll have everything from posters of games to soundtracks to postcards to collectible bags to hats to a sword (inflatable, but its from Assassin’s Creed 4, so that’s cool, right?) to GAMES GAMES GAMES!!!

So, it’ll take me about a day to recover, but expect updates, including but not limited to previews, reviews, interviews, videos and pictures, as early as Monday! And, if you can’t wait, follow me on Instagram, xeawn, to catch a ton of my cool expo happenings!!!!

Yeah…I probably should’ve mentioned the Instagram feed before I left for Vegas…

My bad.

Xeawn, out!



That Killer Is Dead meme pic? I made it myself! I’m so proud of me 😀


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