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Sengoku Basara 4 to Feature a “What If” Mode to Remix History!

While I am a fan of things happening in DUUUUUUUUEEE SEASON!!!! This trailer, did need a bit more PUT YA GUNS ON!!! Sengoku Basara 4, due next year for the Playstation 3 in Japan, Capcom plans on really pumping it up with more content this time around. Yukimura Sanada has been confirmed to return…of course…because that would […]

From Obscure Horror Game to Obscure Beat Em’ Up, Final Exam is Ready to Rock Your World!

Set in the Obscure universe of the Obscure games called Obscure, Final Exam, previously titled Obscure, will bring Obscure battle action to an Obscure genre on an Obsc– OW! OW! STOP IT, I’M SORRY! OW!!! Final Exam appears to be an attempt to change up the traditional high school horror formula with what appears to […]

So, King of Fighters is a MOBA Now…

Which strikes me as…strange, but wonderful all the same. The game is set in the KOF universe, but I wouldn’t bet on it being canon personally as it will only ever be released in Korea if present plans are to be believed. The game went into beta on September 4th, and features everything you’d expect […]

Wanna See How Wind Waker HD Stacks Up to the Original?

Gamexplain does a killer job comparing the two games side by side. I know I personally can’t wait to get my Zelda on! I noticed that in some areas the original looked more vibrant, but overall the new experience looks pretty killer.

Heroes of Loot, Breakin’ Hurts and Crawlin’ Dungeons With Style!

Described as a retro roguelike, Heroes of Loot appears to combine Death Smiles with every oldschool RPG that hates you and subsists on your tears. In other words I want it, badly! You can pick up a free demo here. And you can buy the full iPhone game here. And the android game here. And the […]

Princess Peach Shows the Boys How It’s Done!

  Truth moment: Princess Peach is my favorite Smash Bros. Character!    

Kokonoe Finally Makes Her Playable Blazblue Debut

…as paid DLC. Joy.   Previously Toshimichi Mori stated that Chronophantasma would not have any paid DLC characters, but, that’s kinda their thing. Blaz has always had expensive character DLC, so…yeah. Kokonoe uses giant robots and various tools in battle, but has been described as an exceedingly fast technical fighter, one to keep an eye […]