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Xeawn in Vegas!!!

So, I probably should’ve announced this sooner, but I’ll be in Vegas for the 2013 Gamestop Expo at the Sands Convention Center on the 28th of August (Wednesday)! Yaaaay!

Come by and say hi if you see me, and bring your Dragon House Studios novels for some autograph action!


In addition, we’re expanding! Huzzah! Starting next week we’ll have two more writers in the fold!

Kaze will be joining the Xeawn’s Gaming Corner family to report on all the various exciting happenings that occur throughout the day in the wide world of gaming with nightly updates (see: popcorn articles) as well as various horror titles such as Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and insight into the world of PC Gaming.

A second writer, who will remain a mystery for now, will be joining with great insight on the MMO scene, involving World of Warcraft and Marvel Universe, as well as classic JRPG’s like Star Ocean and more modern ones to boot!

Thank you all for sticking with us during this turbulent time of change! While I’m in Vegas, expect nightly updates about everything from hands on with the PS4 and Xbox One, to new titles like Sonic: Lost World and Toukiden!

Last but not least, if you haven’t picked up your tickets for Senshi Con yet, FRIGGIN’ DO IT! I’ll be doing two panels there, one on the future of gaming

“For a Better Tomorrow!”

and one on the import gaming scene

“Rising Sun x Midnight Sun X2!”

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND Finally, I’ll be interviewing the up and coming rising stars in the nerdcore rock and chiptune scene, Afore Notation this Thursday, so expect to see that article up this weekend!

Xeawn, out!


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