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May, Venom, Chipp and Alphonse Elric, er, Potemkin, Return for Guilty Gear Xrd Sign!


Oh come on, tell me you weren’t thinking the same thing when you saw the promo art! These fan favorites join Sol, Ky and Millia (who should either be dead or rocking a blunt cut by now, but, there’s no telling which of her three different story paths are canon) in Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, which I cannot possibly express how excited I am for the release of.

I’m particularly interested in Millia and Potempkin’s outfits. Millia appears to be sporting some manner of military regalia, and Potempkin is in some pretty hardcore armor. Though the man has proven time and again he has no need of advanced protection, I’d like to remind everyone that Potempkin, a good friend of the President of Mars, also had a stint leading the defense forces there.

Perhaps Mars and Earth are at war? Only time will tell.

A translation of the characters’ movelists reveal that Millia still beats the poop out of people with her living hair, and Potempkin will still be breakin’ backs like it was goin’ out of style.


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