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And it kinda had to, because we’re pretty much where Level-5 makes their money. Also we have a huge and vocal fanbase. Europe too. Good on ya Europe.


All snarkiness aside, props to Level-5 for loving us way more than Namco Bandai does.

I’d also like to inform you all of some changes:

First and foremost, to avoid another month long absence, I will now only update the website with daily gaming news on Friday’s, typically in the morning. I work two jobs, care for an elder full time, and as I’ve stated before I simply don’t have the time and energy for regular updates on my own.

Flavor articles energize me far more than regular updates, so expect those on a more regular basis. I’d give you a regular time for updates, but my work schedule is sporadic so it may be in the morning, and it may be in the evening. I appreciate your patience during this busy time of change!

Secondly, a friendly reminder that if you make a comment and don’t see it right away, it’s because my filter makes it so I have to approve comments first. I’m not fielding comments I don’t like away, it’s pretty much there to make sure you aren’t cursing like a sailor or something.

If you *are* particularly snarky towards me, I don’t mind or care too much. I’ll likely sit on the comment till I have time to give you a well-worded reply. But, by all means, please feel open and free to disagree with me. So long as you’re not a tosser I’m not going to ban you or anything; I reserve that for people who think its appropriate to drop slurs and the like.

So, that’s about it. I’m tired; I’m gonna go play Dragon’s Crown. Or Mass Effect.

I’m like, two angry arguments away from making Jack my wife! Xeawn, out!


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