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Soma and Alisa Sittin in a Tree, Showin’ Each Other Their Aragami!


Project x Zone, by the way, is rather awesome and chock full of memorable quotes like that one!

So, are you eager for more Gods Eater? I know I am! The first one is among my favorite monster hunting games, with Lord of Apocalypse holding the number one spot for right now. Toukiden will likely dethrone it, if for no other reason than the fact that Toukiden will be in English sometime this year. Only understanding half to three fourths of what the characters are saying in a story driven game is kind of a downer.

Well, Namco Bandai still hasn’t announced God Eater 2 for America despite us showing it some pretty strong support. Ah, but fear not! If you have a PSP you can go ahead and give the game a whirl without having to import it! Seriously though, don’t import it. I’d say that despite Bandai Namco pretty much shunning the living daylights out of its American fans, God Eater 2 has a better than average chance of making it overseas.

Anyways, Famitsu is hosting a demo of the game here.

Click on the above link, and then scroll all the way to the bottom to the big red download button. The demo is 517 MB. Once downloaded, just toss it into your game folder and you’re good to go! I’d link you directly, but in the advent that Namco Bandai tracks IP addresses as religiously as Sega I want them to see the number of American and European fans that sought the demo.

It’s a little Kanji heavy, but if you get stuck just run around in circles talking to people until one of them tells you to go kill something.

The game features much improved visuals, with an almost Metal Gear Rising style of lavish color and bright environments, which is welcome in a sea brown games. You’ll note that most Aragami battles don’t take the ridiculous amount of time they do in the original game (seriously, soloing this game takes way more of your life than it should), and promises much larger variety in enemies. There’s a Vita demo also, which I’ve spent a fair amount of time with, but at least with the PSP demo you don’t have to go through the hassle of changing your region or getting a Japanese PSN account.


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