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Introducing: Afore Notation!

Afore Notation is an up and coming band of talented artists with a gamer flair to their musical stylings. We here at Xeawn’s Gaming Corner have been blessed with the opportunity to sit down with the members of this great band in the coming future, and will be posting a transcript of our interview soon thereafter.

In the interim, please enjoy Super Collision X, my favorite song from their upcoming album “A Story of Skies, A Voyage of Stars” releasing July 13th. Also, if you’ll be in Anchorage for the Senshi Con at the Egan Center on September 28 and 29, please look forward to my return as a guest panelist where I’ll be discussing the current state of Japanese gaming, the trinity of consoles that is to come, and will have the privilege of raffling off signed Afore Notation merchandise (including CD’s, a poster and a t-shirt!)

Also, run on sentence. Because I can. Because it’s been a while. Let’s drop kick grammar together, like we used to do.

Xeawn, out!

Edit: I had to go back and add their amazing Chrono Trigger Theme cover, because it is Chrono Trigger, and because it is bloody amazing!


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