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3DS Review: Attack of the Friday Monsters!!!

Hailing from Guild 02, the last game in the roundup of titles created by a small group Level 5 brought together of industry giants, we have Attack of the Friday Monsters!!! I’m not actually sure if that’s the correct number of exclamation points, but, there ya go. Attack of the Friday Monsters!!! was created by […]

A Critical Look at the New Strider

So let me lead first and foremost by saying that if last year was the year of HD remakes, I am completely and totally okay with this year being the year of reboots and re-imaginings. Vector Man, Streets of Rage, where you at??? Ah, but I digress. So, we’ve got a new Strider coming, it’ll […]

Seven Uninterrupted Minutes of Strider Reboot Gameplay


Strider Hiryu Returns!

So on the one hand, I’m gonna be that guy and say I would’ve really preferred to see what could’ve been done with the 3D re-imagining that was going to come out (as Project: Altered Beast while flawed, was pretty amazing), but I am still exceedingly excited to see Strider return. My only real concern is the […]

The Four Laws of Random Battles…as they should be

So I’ve been playing a decent amount of Popolocrois lately, and a decent amount of Ni no Kuni too. I love these games quite a lot. As a matter of fact, Ni no Kuni feels like it looked at Popolocrois and was like “I WANNA BE JUST LIKE YOU WHEN I GROW UP!” but they […]

New Super Smash Bros. Screens, in Which Olimar Gets Violent and Defies Gravity

I love how Mega just looks at him like “DUDE WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!” Check out more screens here!

And now for the coolest group of mega best friends you ever did see!

I’m totally going to bust out in this dance at my two panels at Senshi Con this fall; if you dance it with me I’ll give you candy. And possibly a hug. Mostly just candy though. Also, really great life lesson there: When you get tired of being bullied, gather the dragonballs with your best […]