Big Ol’ E3 Roundup: Nintendo

First up is The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. A direct sequel to A Link to the Past, Worlds will feature new takes on old dungeons, amazing usage of perspective, a fun claymation art style and the ability to turn yourself into paper to navigate dungeons more easily!

Next we have Mario Kart 8, which will feature anti-gravity boosters which will allow you to race on walls and ceilings! Yay for Mario induced vomiting! I’ve gotta say, it’s still so strange seeing Mario in HD!

Next up, despite being multi-platform I think Rayman Legends deserves an honorable mention. At this point, I’m like, forget the game, I just want a cartoon show with that style art based in that world! Please Ubisoft? Pleeeease? Here’s a gameplay trailer:

Next, we have Pikmin 3, which features a slew of new Pikmin and play styles! In addition, there is a great new competitive multiplayer mode, gorgeous graphics, and a bunch of new adorable protagonists!

Next we’ve got X (working title) from Monolith, the makers of Xenoblade Chronicles. You’ll remember this is the game that made me nerd out into a seizure a few months back.

Suddenly I no longer care about Sega keeping Phantasy Star Online 2 in Japan or Konami not doing Zone of the Enders 3 or Level 5 not doing Rogue Galaxy 2…

Next, we have Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze which, don’t get me wrong it plays at some cool camera angles and looks fun, but it basically looks like an expansion pack for Donkey Kong Country Returns. Still, nice to see some companies will just make a brand new full fledged game instead of nickle and diming you with DLC.

Now let’s take a look at Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U, not to be confused with the 3DS version:

Wha? Oh, I’m sorry, adorable kitten Peach through me into a cute induced coma for a minute there. This is a game that looks like it needed it’s own whole new release. Everything from the new powerups to the level design to the bosses to the play engine has this as my third most favorite Nintendo E3 announcement (behind X and Mega Man in Smash).

Now, let’s see how New Yoshi’s Island is shaping up, and hope I don’t relapse:

I’m not sure how I feel about the opaque stained glass window art, and it doesn’t look that much different than the other Yoshi’s Island game, but it’ll be a welcome new addition to my 3DS library.

Next is the dual wielding shmup entitled Scratch Kitty and His Partner On Rails:

The music kinda reminds me of something Jake Kaufman would compose. By the by, if you haven’t picked up Mighty Switch Force 2 and it’s soundtrack yet, you need to go get on that right now!

As this is the year of Luigi, let’s take a look at New Super Luigi U, which will be released both as DLC and as a standalone disc based game because Nintendo loves the dickens out of you!

I’m a grown man and I’m not afraid to say Nabbit scares the pee pee out of me. That aside, he seems like a really boring person to get stuck playing as since he apparently can’t be hurt, but, don’t tell him I said that. I value my soul staying inside of my corporeal body…

As long as we’re talking about Luigi, let’s take a look at Mario and Luigi Dream Team for the Nintendo 3DS:

Ya know what? I take that back. I think I might be looking forward to Dream Team more than any other Nintendo E3 announcement. That just looks awesome. So awesome.

So, let’s wrap up this Nintendo roundup with a Link to our past; come, let us join Link and Tetra one more time as they journey forth to wake the winds.


Fans that felt all of the sailing got a little tedious will be happy to know that the distance to some islands has been shortened, and the infamous triforce quest at the end has been dramatically streamlined. The adventure aspect overall has been overhauled to allow for the fun of sailing and exploring without some of the unnecessary time consumption along the way. One addition that will help with this is that you can now upgrade your ship early on to make it even faster!


That does it for the Nintendo E3 Roundup! Tune in later when I pull together Sony’s epic back hand to Microsoft, and Microsoft’s flailing attempt at making you not hate them with every fiber of your being!

Xeawn, out!


3 comments on “Big Ol’ E3 Roundup: Nintendo

  1. Curse you Mario….I now want a Banjo Kazooie 3..On Nintendo..Like the classic game….

    Also i just realized X kinda reminds me of White Knight Chronicles only sci fi instead of fantasy…ALSO GIVE ME NAO!!!!

    • I regret to say I’ve never played more than a handful of minutes of any Banjo Kazooie game, and I was way to young to understand what I was doing. Maybe I should see if my buddy has a copy I can fool around with.

      X looks so dang amazing, I can’t wait for it either! Makes me glad I bought a Wii U, which has otherwise served as a nice bookend for my entertainment table. If you haven’t played Xenoblade Chronicles yet, definitely give that a shot. There might be a few other obscure titles on my shelf I can throw your way if you’re craving sci-fi/giant robot RPG action.

      • Actualllly i got Xenoblade day 1..Just wish it looked better on the WiiU..i transferred save data over….

        And yep i have the whole Operation Rainfall Trinity as well.

        But yeah shoot me some ideas man though i also already have th ZotE HD and Xenosaga..and i need to sit down and play Xenogears….Lets just say i have a VERY large backlog…

        And i really do recommend ya check out Banjo Kazooie was alot of fun.

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