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Guess who was out of town during E3?

I know, I timed that poorly! Forgive me! I’m actually only just now getting back to where I have internet, so instead of trying to play catch up with all of the announcements we’ve missed, I’ll just do a sizzle reel highlight type of thing as I recover from jet lag throughout the day.

First and foremost IT’S ABOUT FREAKING TIME!!!

Mega Man will also be joined by Wii Fit Girl…because out of all of the characters in Nintendo’s vast armada I guess she was exceedingly important to include, and Villager from Animal Crossing (I still say Farmer from Harvest Moon would’ve been better, but Villager should be lots of gimmicky fun). So, two new gimmick characters and one WHY DID IT TAKE YOU THIS BLOODY LONG TO ADD HIM character.

Mega’s moveset looks really cool, even though his eyes freak me out.

What we know so far is that the game is in simultaneous production for the Wii U and the 3DS…but there will be no cross platform play. This is because the Wii U game will have levels focusing on console games, and the 3DS one will have portable game stages. Personally I think this isn’t a great design decision as it would be hideously easy to include cross platform, and now I care considerably less about buying it on both systems.

Pretty much I only know two people that play smash. If I buy Smash on my Wii U, we can all play together. If I buy Smash on my 3DS…it’s pretty much me versus the computer. Unlike Sony’s idea of having games like Playstation All Stars be cross platform or Vanillaware with meaningful cross communication, Nintendo has given only collectors and people who want their little brother to get off the Wii U a reason to go portable in addition to console.

With that said, the game does look bloody amazing. I think the one Smash related announcement that overshadows Mega Man’s inclusion is that the horrendous if humorous tripping system (where everyone falls over like a drunk wearing clown shoes all the time) is gone and gone for good.

Look forward to Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS sometime in early 2014.


One comment on “Guess who was out of town during E3?

  1. Now, how’s about a guest from the Tales Of franchise hmm???

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