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Sonic Lost Worlds Looks……


Guys, I’m honestly not sure what just happened. Did Sega just pull a hat trick? Because I think Sega just pulled a hat trick.

It’s no secret that Sonic has been on the decline since Shadow the Hedgehog. A lot of fans are like “Shadow sucked!” and while the story and reveal were lacking, the gameplay was spot on. And then there was Heroes (Heroes might have been first) which had awful controls marring interesting ideas, and then a myriad of bad games, and then Colors, which was shockingly good, and then some more bad games, and now this.

Honestly when Sega announced they were going steady with Nintendo, I was like “And?” I mean, they don’t show any love for any of their children except Sonic (nevermind Streets of Rage, where the crap is Vectorman? And did you see their Project x Zone lineup? Lackluster at best…) and on occasion Ulala kinda, but, this could be a good thing.

Anytime anyone teams up with Nintendo, Miyamoto comes by and does his magical Miyamoto thing where he gives you a wink and a smile and a gentle nudge and turns a floundering project (Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages, Seasons and The Third Oracle) into a success story (more on that later). No one can argue that Nintendo makes good games. You might not like them, you might think it’s cool to hate on Mario ever since you hit puberty, but no one can argue against the fact that they are well put together, have tight gameplay, always control well, and are consistently fun.

Yes, even you people that go “MARIO SUCKS BECAUSE HE HAS SPORTS AND PARTY GAMES” yeah well you know what? They’re fun. And this game looks like it will be too.

Sonic Lost Worlds is TBA and is exclusive to the Wii U and 3DS systems, and is the first portable Sonic game to have a fully realized 3D world (and I’m not just talking about the depth slider). I’m happy for you Sega, but…I can’t help but think how pretty this game would’ve been on the Vita’s AMOLED screen. Of course, then you would’ve been using Sony assets and not Nintendo ones…and we all know how well that tends to work out…


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